Queer Puja Hosted by Temple of Witchcraft

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

In honor of Pride month and our Temple of Witchcraft Gemini Ministry-Queer Spirit, Matooka MoonBear is holding a Puja for all who identify as Queer at Moth & Moon Studio in Bedford, NH.

Puja is a Sanskrit word that means “worship” and “treating with honor and high reverence.”
A Puja ritual is an expression of adoration and devotion designed to connect us with the divine in and around us. Puja rituals often have a specific focus or intention, such as healing or world peace.

This is a Tantric experience, which simply means it is a practice focused on opening the heart chakra.

We will spend our time honoring the divine within ourselves and each other through experiential interaction, such as eye gazing, synchronized breathing and touching that may include hands & arms; keeping in mind that you are always at choice to participate at whatever level feels safe and comfortable for you.

The invitation is always present for you to participate more or less actively, according to your own needs and desires.

Experiential explorations may include:

  • breathing techniques to relax the nervous system and open the heart
  • movement and rhythm as a means of energy calibration
  • exercises that incorporate communication and non-sexual touch

The intention is that you will experience a palpable connection to the happiness that abides in your heart, and the understanding that you have the power to access it whenever you choose.

Donation $35

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