Animal Communication Practice Group with Danielle Dionne

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Practice and hone your psychic connection with animals! This ongoing development group is for those looking to enhance, expand and practice their animal communication skills. Varying methods and practice exercises will be explored each month to connect with animals living and deceased. Practice techniques will explore pet situations such as health, wellness, behavior, environmental influences, as well as caretaker and pet dynamics. Exercises to connect and communicate with animals will be offered and may include remote and live animal practice. Strengthen the human animal bond with animal communication!

A foundation in animal communication is encouraged but all levels of experience are welcome.

Cost is $25 per person


About Danielle Dionne

In addition to her work as a Psychic Medium, Danielle has been professionally helping folks through her animal communication work for over a decade. She has always been connected with animals and has extensive experience working with a breadth of creatures. She grew up fostering cats and ferrets, working on farms with everything from horses to alpacas, and in the exotic pet and fish arena. She enjoys her life on her farm with her ridiculous cats, Sharona the pug, and retired, old lady goats.

Danielle Dionne is a psychic medium, witch, healer and teacher. Called to spiritual work at a young age, Danielle has been connecting to the other side through mediumship since the age of six. With an enthusiastic and positive approach, Danielle provides helpful and healing opportunities for guidance, growth and connection to departed loved ones during her sessions. A devoted teacher, Danielle is passionate about her subject matter. Her classes are dynamic and offer constructive feedback, encouragement and direction.

Danielle offers classes, development groups, mentorships, readings and healing sessions in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is the proprietress of Moth and Moon Studio, a spiritual center located in Bedford, NH.

Danielle’s eclectic practice draws upon a vast foundation in mediumship, healing arts, shamanism, witchcraft, herbalism and rootwork. Ever evolving, she is committed to her spiritual growth. Danielle has studied advanced mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. She is a Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Shamballa Shangra-La Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Advanced Soul Therapy Practitioner. Danielle is also an ordained minister offering wedding ceremonies, rites of passage, house blessings and funerals. She is a hospice volunteer and is passionate about end of life care. She is a member of the Temple of Witchcraft and serves as Scorpio Deputy Minister.