The Bone Witch: Working with Skulls, Bones & Animal Remains

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Skulls, bones and animal remains are worked with in traditional and modern witchcraft, folk magick and shamanic practices. In this workshop, find out how bones can be used to connect you to your familiar spirits, animal allies and spirits of the dead. Explore respectful ways to utilize bone magic for spirit work, divination, healing, shapeshifting and as a memento mori. Discuss the ethical considerations of acquiring bones for magical purposes. Examples of animal curios and charms will be explored as well as working with bones for fetishes and spirit houses. Experience a meditative ritual to connect to the wisdom of the bones. $30 workshop fee.

About Danielle Dionne

Danielle Dionne is psychic medium, witch, writer and teacher. Danielle has been connecting to the dead since the age of six and reading professionally for over a decade. She runs Moth and Moon Studio, a spiritual education center located in Bedford, NH. Danielle’s eclectic practice draws upon a vast foundation in mediumship, healing arts, witchcraft, herbalism and rootwork. Danielle is a member of the Temple of Witchcraft and serves as Scorpio deputy minister. 


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