Shamanic Journey to the Rainbow Bridge with Lauren Rainbow

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Energetically journey to “The Rainbow Bridge” to connect with your loved ones, masters, guides and angels during this special night with Lauren.

Shamanic journeys are a wonderful energetic experience in which you are guided along a meditative like journey to the sounds of a sacred healing drum, rattle, or other musical sounds. These sounds help you deepen into a visionary state in which you can actively connect with realms beyond this world.

“The Rainbow Bridge” is a common term used in Mediumship to describe the place in which our realm connects with the Spirit realm. In this particular evening, we are setting the intentions to journey energetically to this magical place where we can meet with our loved ones, masters, guides and/or angels to connect, receive and heal.

To best prepare for this evening here is what you will need:

An open mind
Something to cover your eyes while in journey, a bandana, sleeping mask etc.
Comfortable clothes, blanket, pillow – anything that will make you feel comfortable to lie down on the floor during the journey. Physically comfort is important. If you cannot sit on the floor you can do this in a meditative space.
A journal
Moth & Moon Studio does have some pillows and blankets as well if you are not able to bring something along.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is limited to 16 participants. Pre-registration is required.

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