Vision Board Workshop with Deborah Knight

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Create a Vision Board & Learn How to Use it to Manifest Your Dreams!

In this fun and informative Workshop you will create one of the most powerful tools for making your vision come to life.

This is not your typical Vision Board Workshop as you will be learning the science behind them and why they are so powerful. You’ll learn a simple process to use on a daily basis to ensure your dreams comes to life.

Why the greats like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Steve Harvey, John Assaraf (The Secret) live by them. 

I also know that my friends Brian Smith, founder of UGG and Colleen Eyges, creator of the soon to be released VeLo Vodka, use them to manifest their dreams. Keep your eye out for this Vodka. It is Scientifically crafted with added Energy Codes. So exciting to watch dreams come true! 

There is a Science to why they work and you’re going to learn how and why they work and how to best utilize them in your own life.

Deborah will share her “Roadmap” to manifesting your DREAMS into Reality and what may be blocking you.

  • Dream Big
  • Raise Your Vibration
  • Energy of Gratitude
  • Allow and Accept
  • Manifest Your Desires
  • Share what you Receive


“I had a picture of a pair of chairs on the beach because I wanted more time with my husband just relaxing on the beach. Three months later an opportunity presented itself that we just couldn’t say no to. We are now the owners of a home in Florida. Wow!”  

“I put a picture that represented me in a new job that I loved and felt fulfilled in. I loved my job, but I felt like I needed a change. I wanteed a position that challenged me with a little increasee in pay. I took minimal action doing what Deborah told me to do every day and within a few months I was offered a position at a prestigious Hospital with a $23,000. raise. That’s not little! This stuff really works!”

Tickets: $35 All supplies are included. All you do is show up!

All attendees will be entered to win a door prize related to manifesting your dreams. 


Bookings are closed for this event.