Making a Spicy Winter Tonic – Exploring the magic of Fire Cider, A Traditional Herbal Remedy

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Would you believe that simple ingredients commonly lingering in the kitchen can be relied on to help support our health? In this class we will explore the healing qualities of often common foods like onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric and hot pepper and how they can come together and infuse apple cider vinegar to become a potent and warming tonic for the winter.
This is an informative and hands on class where each participant will make their own “fire cider” to take home. We will discuss the process, storage and use of the preparation as well as go over endless recipe variations!
The term “Fire Cider” has been used among the herbal community for decades, but has recently undergone some controversy due to the name being trade marked. There will be discussion on the importance of keeping these types of common herbal preparations alive in our communities while understanding the constraints of the trademark.
Class cost: $25
Includes materials
Class length: 2 hours
About Jenna Kulp
Jenna Kulp is a community herbalist and farmer. Jenna began formally studying herbalism in 2011 at Misty Meadows Herbal Center in Lee NH. They have since studied with herbalists throughout New England in various advanced courses and herbal conferences. Since 2014 they have participated in teaching part of the Herbal Apprenticeship Program at Misty Meadows on the topics of sustainable and restorative gardening, self care, reproductive health and kitchen medicine. Jenna’s greatest joys are sharing ways of empowerment through connecting with the healing power of herbs in the kitchen and in the garden.


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