Meaningful Mediumship with Scottish Medium Dominic Boag – Cancelled Due to COVID-19

05/16/2020 - 05/17/2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Behind every contact there is a message, a very important reason behind the communication.

  • Do you find yourself getting stuck and not knowing where to go next within your mediumship ?
  • Do you feel that your private readings can have so much more to say ?
  • Is your confidence holding you back ?

This course will help you understand the depth of the message and help you bring the message and the reason for the communication together for a deeper purpose for your client.

Within this 2 day course Dominic will help you polish up your private readings and help you understand the true importance and the gift within a personal reading.

Meaningful mediumship will help you understand the great healing done through mediumship.

This is also an excellent course for those interested in taking their mediumship out into the public.

Dominic will take time with you to look at platform mediumship and how the message is capable to have more powerful meaning and depth.

Join Scottish Psychic Medium Dominic Boag for this exciting new 2 day course with teaching techniques with a difference.

Cost:  Early Bird Special until May 1st – $199, After May 1st $235

About Dominic Boag:

As one of the UK’s youngest mediums, Dominic is building an impressive reputation in the UK and in America with how strongly connected he is to the spirit world. His live shows and private sittings leave his audiences ‘blown away.’ Dominic is distinctive among mediums: registered blind, he brings a fresh and vibrant modern form of mediumship to the spiritual movement. He is well-known for taking on the characteristics and personalities of spirit communicators. As an International teacher, Dominic has a great passion for helping others to develop their own mediumship.


Bookings are closed for this event.