What’s The Message? Developing Heart-Centered Messages with John Holland & Lauren Rainbow *SOLD OUT*

01/25/2020 - 01/26/2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

249.00 – Early Bird
279.00 – after December 1, 2019

This unique 2-day mediumship workshop, with John Holland & Lauren Rainbow, is focused on developing heart-centered messages from Spirit. If you’re a practicing medium, and would like to work on developing a healing, heart-centered approach to mediumship that is also evidential – then this workshop is for you!

When loved ones from Spirit reach out to connect to the living through a medium, a miracle happens, and the touching messages they give are not only heartfelt but … cherished and remembered by those here.

The workshop will include:

– The spiritual purpose and practice of mediumship
– Special Meditations to assist in your mediumship unfoldment
– Exercises and practices of obtaining & giving evidential information as part of any message
– Learning different ways to bring alive the personality, presence, and essence of the spirit loved one
– Practices to incorporate inspiration into your mediumship and messages
– Developing your own unique style and naturalness to represent Spirit to the best of your ability
– Learning to differentiate what is coming from Spirit – as opposed to your own mind.
– Q & A

Come with an open heart and mind, and experience a deeper connection with Spirit as you push the boundaries of your mediumship!

Tickets available here.