Mala Manifestation with Silver Lyons

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A journey through abundance and prosperity as a source of natural wisdom from manifesting through the Divine Feminine. Here we learn that in order to manifest and invite abundance into our world, it is never a solitary act, but one that invites the blessings of community, in many forms, to assist us. Here we will explore the challenges of not only being willing to receive what we are asking for, but to also open ourselves to receiving help from another as a form of generosity and accepting abundance from the Universe. This ritual encourages and emphasizes a devotional practice for 40-days following this experience. Please bring a set of malas for this ritual working.

Cost $30 per person

About Silver Lyons

Silver Lyons is a High Priestess, teacher, writer, and healer. Traveling the seeker’s road her entire life, Silver has found her spiritual footing on the path of Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Buddhism, culminating in a practice that celebrates the Divine Feminine Principles. She has been teaching on these subjects professionally for over 15 years. Her vocation has led her to embracing and sharing the teachings of Women’s Mysteries and facilitating the journey of re-birthing into Spirit. For more information please visit her website at


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