Connect with Spirit. Clarify Your Path. Center Yourself. Heal. 

Book a session with a professional medium, psychic, astrologer or healing arts practitioner. Offering services with gifted and well-trained providers able to assist you on your path.

Moth and Moon Studio offers a variety of readings including mediumship, psychic, animal communication and astrology readings. We also offer intuitive hypnosis sessions, herbalism consultations, and energy healing such as Reiki, IET, Magnified Healing®, and shamanic healing sessions.

Let Your Spiritual Self Take Flight

Moon and Moon Studio also offers ongoing opportunities for those looking to explore their spiritual practice including development groups, practice nights, mediumship galleries, shamanic journey circles, meditations, spiritual workshops, and guest speakers. Check out our calendar for a list of events!

Interested in exploring your mediumship and psychic gifts? Moth and Moon Studio provides ongoing development groups to help you hone your skills and progress your abilities. With groups offered towards beginner, intermediate, advanced and mixed level skill sets, we’re here to support you and challenge you to evolve!


Each client’s psychic/mediumship/astrology/tarot/herbalism/energy healing session consultation is subject to the client’s own personal interpretation. The information provided does NOT constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions.