An Evening of Trance Mediumship with Brandie Chrisman

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The world of trance has long intrigued Spirit World lovers since the beginning of the modern movement. Join Brandie Chrisman, a student of trance mediumship for seven years, as she helps you surround yourself with the world of Spirit and sits with the intention of bringing through her Trance guides for a night of inspiration. 

Cost is $25

About Brandie Chrisman:

Brandie Chrisman in an Evidential Medium, dedicated to bringing departed loved ones and those in the living together since 2008. Spiritual development, particularly the study of Mediumship and Intuitive abilities has been the center of her purpose driven passion her entire adult life.

Brandie has worked to develop her gift at Arthur Findlay College, workshops and personal development and had the pleasure to work along side other well-known mediums in her field.
Currently, Brandie has also been called to teach others how to connect with their spiritual gifts and incorporate spirituality into their everyday lives by focusing on family, personal spiritual development and overall well-being.

It is her goal that in sharing her own spiritual gifts, teaching others and encouraging continual growth she will help individuals embrace their spiritual potential.

Brandie is also a loving and dedicated mother to her three amazing children and resides in Tulsa, OK with her soul partner.



Bookings are closed for this event.